L.F.Radley’s books for ages around 10 to 110




A transformational fantasy:

The Lovedovians wanted to give Uni the best birthday gift, ever. Their decision was about to change their lives. Forever! Uni knew, and tried to warn them, but they didn’t believe him.

Hidden within the story-narrated by L F Radley- is a birthday gift for each reader.

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THE CHANGE is available in Paperback and eBook at Amazon here.






A transformational fantasy:

When Jack found himself alone, and in danger, he remembered his grandmother Nina’s advice. And it worked – but how could it? Later Jack tested Nina’s words in other uncomfortable scenarios – with mixed results. He knew it was time to ask Nina why sometimes what he uttered appeared to help, and sometimes not!

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THE MAGIC is available in Paperback at Amazon here.


EASY PEASY-when you know



A light-hearted-serious-look at life and its patterns, problems and solutions:

It’s the book L.F. Radley wished she had read as a young adult; to help her uncover her true self in a much quicker, easier way.

A short day and month numerology profile-for each of the 366 birthdates-is at the end of the 80 page story!

Read an excerpt here.

Easy Peasy is available in Paperback and eBook at Amazon here.


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