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Thank you for connecting with me today. So cool to have you here! 

Now, what can I tell you about the ‘personal’ me, as opposed to me the writer? In many ways we’re the same. Like . . . when I observe or learn something, I have a need to sharewhatever it iswith others. And, if there’s nobody near to talk with, I either write a poem, or make notes for a future fiction, fantasy or non-fiction story.

Each of us has a storyor more!to tell and, as I write, I imagine whoever is reading will become the heroor heroineof the particular tale, in a way that applies to them; in a way they can rescue themselves. For I am about everyone without taking from another staying true to themselves; therefore becoming the happiest ‘them’ they can be.

When my four adult kids were young, yet old enough to understand, I remember telling them I had noticed how we can all be conditioned by the people we have regular contact withour parents, grandparents, teachers, those in the media etc etc. And, because I wanted the best for them, I said the only programming they would get from me was encouragement to become their authentic selves. And, to this daywhenever I get the chance 🙂I encourage them to always, without hurting another, follow their true passions-what they lovetheir purpose in life.

Now, I don’t know for sure if re-incarnation is true, or notif we have to come back to do it all again, if we don’t get it right this time, or notbut I am certain this is the life I have now. And, with that in mind, I think it’s a good idea if I aim to be the best me I can beto live my purposethis lifetime. To be happy and on purpose, or frustrated and not?! I know which I choose.

I believe we are all connectedeven with the unkind ones, for I think they can remind us what not to be like, or to do!and one way I can meet with others is through my writing. So . . . if you’d like to acknowledge you’ve connected with me, why not leave a comment? I’d love to hear from you.

Best Wishes, Always,

Lauri (LFR)

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